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Rimtec's Hysteresis Clutches are perfect solution for capping and labeling machines

Rimtec's specialty permanent magnet hysteresis clutches and couplings are ideal for packaging applications such as bottle cap tightening. Permanent magnet hysteresis clutches transmit rotational torque while allowing for precise overload slipping for a smooth, reliable torque transmission. Capping machines now can have an overload clutch with virtually infinite life cycle custom fitted to pre-existing machine or clutch designs.

Rimtec's unique and flexible design allows for unlimited adjustment of the torque while also accommodating the proper heat dissipation. The hysteresis design eliminates "cogging" usually associated with other permanent magnet devices. Special designs are constructed from 100% stainless steel for wash down environments or for capping corrosive material.

Other applications include tension control take-ups for labeling machines or tape dispensing machines. Rimtec's engineering knowledge allows for custom solutions to be designed and manufactured without the custom solution lead-time and price.

Rimtec's Barrier Clutch enables maintenance free quick connections for
flexible manufacturing by transmitting torque and speed with no contact

Rimtec's newly developed permanent magnet synchronous clutch MDC series is used to transmit torque from a motor to a flexible fixture used to automate machining of parts for the automotive industry. Several independent fixtures can index their way over to a single motor with a non-contact magnetic coupling. The motor actuates the fixture's clamping motion, providing an adequate clamp force for machining. The fixtures then index their way into the respective machining environment. While a part is in the machining center, more parts are being indexed over to the drive motor for clamping.

The MDC series is available from 2-30Nm (18-265 in/lbs.) and can be specifically balanced for high speed. The barrier in between the 2 halves is a non-magnetic material thus enabling one half to be completely enclosed for hazardous, food grade, or chemical environments.

For larger sizes, the MSV style is available upwards of 1,000 Nm (8,850 in/lbs)

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